The following 1-hour workshops are available for any age groups and delivered by an experienced member of Shakti Academy. All workshops can be offered as bespoke activities, tailored to your specific needs. The prices are based per session with a maximum of 25 individuals per session.

Our 1-hour creative arts and crafts sessions are ideal for groups of all ages. Learn a new skill, express your creativity and enjoy a relaxed and fun session. You’ll also create something beautiful to take home.

Rangoli (£75.00)

An art workshop to create decorative patterns on a paper plate using glitter, sequins, rice and lentils.

Diva Making (£75.00)

In this workshop you’ll make your very own earthen lamp using clay. This is a fun activity for all, but more suitable to younger age groups.

Festive Cards (£60.00)

Unleash your creative side in this card-making workshop. We’ll bring a range of craft materials including plenty of glitter and sequins! Make cards for any occasion.

Ethnic Bracelet Making (£75.00)

Learn how to create small bracelets using pretty beads. You can design your own bracelet/s to take home.

Mehndi (Henna) Painting (£75.00)

A short introduction to the use of Mehndi and its origin, followed by the opportunity to have a simple pattern on hands.

Block Printing (£75.00)

Using traditional Indian wooden blocks we’ll show you how to create beautiful patterns and designs on fabric.

Storytelling & Dance (£60.00)

This workshop teaches the use of hand gestures to tell a story and children will learn a dance piece using the ‘Mudras’ from Bharatanatyam. Mudras are hand gestures which stem from South-Indian dance. Every gesture has a meaning which is educational and intriguing.

Dance Workshops (£60.00)

Learn various styles of Indian dance from the following: Bhangra, Bollywood, Indian Folk including Dandiya/Garba, Rajasthani. Contact us to find out more about the different styles. All workshops/sessions will include materials and equipment needed to facilitate the session. An additional 0.45p will be charged per mile and added to the final invoice to cover travel expenses. All staff that deliver the sessions are fully Enhanced DBS checked and also have Public Liability Insurance. Please get in touch to find out more.