Shakti Academy, formerly Shakti Arts, was founded in 1995. There was a gap in the market for Indian dance so Anna, our founder, started a group for the local community, giving young people a platform to share their passion for dance and to learn various styles of Indian dance. Since then, Shakti Academy has expanded, developing into a nationally recognised organisation following the trends of Indian dance and arts.

After listening to our clients we’ve now expanded into education, health and wellbeing. This means we can offer a complete holistic service that ultimately supports personal, social and health awareness and development.

Whether it is to entertain, educate or inform, Shakti Academy’s dedicated staff will brighten any occasion with a quality performance/workshop tailored towards our clients’ specific needs. Every event showcases the passion and dedication of the organisation and of each individual representing Shakti Academy.

We are often asked to collaborate with other key organisations and community groups, and we focus on the range of benefits that all sections of the community can get from taking part. These include improving self-confidence, socialising with new people and learning new skills.



Anna Gautama
Founder and Chairperson

Anna has years of experience in classical and folk dance. Furthermore, she has been working with the community for over 40 years and established the organisation to fulfil a need in the area. Anna has made many networks due to her involvement in the community and adds value to the academy with her wealth of experience.

Janine Shrigley
Advisory Consultant

Janine is a practising Artist who has many years experience working in Education; specifically within an inter-faith, multi-faith and culturally diverse context. By engagement with the Arts through workshops and project work, we can create a stronger sense of community by affirming the common values we all share.


Tara Sahu
Creative Instructor

Tara is experienced in teaching and delivering sessions on different styles of dance. Whether this is Semi-Classical, Bollywood or Bhangra she is able to use her expertise and knowledge to devise sessions to different levels and age ranges appropriate for the individual.

Sanjukta Sahu
Senior Creative Arts Officer

Sanjukta has vast experience in developing and delivering workshops tailored to individual needs. Working with a range of individuals for different purposes, she has excellent customer service values and understands the importance of adapting workshops to meet your needs. Whether in a 1:2:1 or group setting she is flexible with her approach. She has more than 20 years of experience and is a real asset to the team.


Neema Gautama-Johal
Creative and Business Development Manager

Neema has a background in media, communications and teaching. She has been involved with the organisation since 1995 as a performer and dance instructor. Recently she has been working on the development of the academy with stakeholders, organisations and businesses in the Midlands. This is to ensure that more opportunities and platforms become available, ultimately resulting with the expansion and the growth of Shakti Academy to become what it is today.